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Nikolay Milovanov, PhD

Nikolay Milovanov is an engineer with 17 years of experience in IP networking and software engineering. Nikolay is currrently a proud cofounder of thingslog.com - a platfom for RMMAAS - Remote Metering and Monitoring of Meters and Sensors as a Service. Prior that Nikolay has been in Comptel/Nokia as Lead Software Architect. Prior that he spent 3 years in SevOne/Programista where he grew a Support team and then worked as cloud/SAAS Architect - Performance on Demand. Prior that he worked for a leading OSS/BSS vendor as a Network Solutions Architect. Prior those software positions Nikolay was a "happy" CCIE level network engineer who worked as Head of the Network Solutions team in Intracom Bulgaria, Engineer Service IP and Corporate Solutions in a mobile operator. Nikolay also spent 1 year as part of engineering task force of product management departments of T-Systems GmBh. Thorough those years Nikolay has gained extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of IP/Telecom networking but also in the development of OSS/BSS Software intensive systems for monitoring, cloud, DevOps and discovering and provisioning of IP and Telecom networks.

Nikolay has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Telecommunications techniques and technologies from Sofia Technical University and a Phd in "IPv4 to IPv6 network transformation" from New Bulgarian University. Nikolay did also a specialization in Software Architecture as part of ISR, Carnegie Mellon University.

Nikolay is a co author of an open source projects such as:

- bgpPeeringMap http://sourceforge.net/projects/internetmap
- netTransformer http://itransformers.net/netTransformer

Currently he is an Academic Council Member of New Bulgarian University where he teaches:

- TCMB118 - Introduction to network engineering
- TCMM210 - MPLS Core Networks
- TCMM245 - Internet Protocol version 6
- TCMM112 - Linux networking
- TCMM357 - Cloud Computing
- TCMB536 - Technologies for virtualization of telecom services
- TCMM300 - Internet routing - BGP
- ESMM290 - Software Architecture 1
- ESMM290 - Software Architecture 2


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