преп. Теодора Иванчева

преп. Теодора Иванчева
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1. Surname : Ivancheva-Atanasova
2. Name : Theodora
3. Date of birth : 28th April, 1971
4. Nationality : Bulgarian
5. Civil status : married
6. Education :
Institutions :
New Bulgarian University
to (months/year) November,2007-
Degree(s) or diploma(s) :
Doctoral Program – “Philology – Foreign Languages”

Institutions :
Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

2021 May, Aptem Interview Techniques
2020 October, ELTC University of Sheffield, DELTA Module One
2020: Harvard University: Citizen Politics in America: Public Opinion, Elections, Interest Groups and the Media
2020:Trinity London: Content-Specific Continued Professional Development
2020: Trinity London: Transformative Teachers: Motivating C1 and C2 level Students
2020 Accenture: Digital Skills - Artificial Intelligence
2020 British Council: Teaching English - How to Plan a Great Lesson
2019: Future Learn: How to Teach Online
2019: University of East Anglia: Study Skills for International Students
2019: University of Southampton: English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics
2019: Cambridge Assessment English - Teaching English Online
2019: Coventry University - English for Academic Study
2019: Safeguarding in Education - the UK
2019: Prevent for Practitioners - the UK
2019:Millfield Enterprises, Somerset, the UK - Spoken Grammar
2018: Millfield Enterprises, Somerset, the UK - Differentiation in ELT Classroom
2018 - Dyslexia in Foreign Language Teaching - Lancaster University
2018 - Digital Marketing - Accenture

August 2015: CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) - Cambridge University (AVO authorized center)
New Bulgarian University
to (months/year) October, 1995 – December, 2000
November,2002-May, 2005
Degree(s) or diploma(s) :
Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Linguistics
Master’s Degree in Foreign Language Teaching:Mentoring

Institutions :
29 SOU “Georgi Bakalov” – intensive English Language Studies
to (months/year) September, 1985 – May, 1989

Degree(s) or diploma(s) :
Secondary Education

7. Language skills : (Mark 1 to 5 for competence, where 5 is the highest)
Language Passive Spoken Written
English 5 5
German 3 3

8. Other skills (e.g. computer literacy, etc.) : MS, Office XP, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, Moodle, BigBlueButton, Blackboard&BB Collaborate, Zoom, MS Teams, Wiseflow, Adobe Connect, among others.
9. Present position: assistant professor of English
10. Years within the company: 21 (twenty-one)
11. Specific experience:
Country Date : from (months/year) to (months/year) Name and brief description of the project

Bulgaria, The UK October,1997 – November,1998 “Teaching English through Intercultural Competence ”- the project was aimed at promoting Bulgarian culture at state and private British secondary schools as well as raising the participants’ awareness towards the British and Bulgarian cultures. The goal was achieved through the preparation of numerous teaching materials, micro teaching, team-work activities and delivery of lessons in the UK.

12. Professional experience :
Date :
from (months/year)
to (months/year) February,2002 -
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Company New Bulgarian University
Position 1. assistant professor of English
2. October 2003 – 2005 programme director of Bachelor Programmes “Foreign Languages and Cultures”, “American and British Studies” and Master Programme “Linguodidactics”
1. assistant professor of English: to teach EAP to students whose first foreign language is English; to teach general English to students whose second foreign language is English; to review diploma-paper works of graduates;
2. programme director: administration of programmes; programme coordination with lecturers, students and university departments; consultation of students about their currents state in the programmes and their graduation procedure; preparation of individual students’ curricula; preparation of reports for programme accreditation; control of quality teaching; organization of teaching practice; updating the programmes’ website.

June, 2020 – September, 2020 University of Sheffield ELTC, Sheffield, UK
English Language Tutor
• English for Pre-Master's; EAP; Academic Writing; Critical thinking; Presentation skills development
• Online/remote learning
• Communicative teaching; Flipped Classroom; Material design
• Team teaching
• Pastoral duties
• Online examination and assessment

July, 2019 – August,2019 Millfield Enterprises (MELHC), Bruton and Street, Somerset, UK
July,2018 – August,2018 EFL Teacher

• To develop and deliver topical classes to highly mixed ability classes of a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, i.e China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, Spain, Italy, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Croatia among others;
• To advertise classes and persuade students to sign up;
• To conduct and mark written and oral exams;
• To follow students’ progress and achievement;
• To design a variety of teaching materials both linguistic and online;
• IELTS preparation;
• To monitor and assess students’ progress and achievement;
• To write end-of-course reports;
• To incorporate CVO into material taught and delivered;
• Pastoral duty;
• To conduct ethnographic research in the local environment and educational excursions in the county of Somerset;
• Continuing Professional Development seminars delivery

Date :
from (months/year)
to (months/year) October, 1989 – August, 1990
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Company Balkancar Engineering
Position Drafts person
To copy and finalise professionals’ drafts and sketches of machine elements

Date :
from (months/year)
to (months/year) September, 1990 – September, 1994
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Company Community Centers “Rayna Kanyaginya” and “Pencho Slaveikov”
Position Teacher of English
To teach young learners of English and adults

Date :
from (months/year)
to (months/year) October, 1998 – October, 1999
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Company Institute for Foreign Students
Position Part-time assistant professor of English
To teach English from elementary to proficiency level; adult learners of the English language

Date :
from (months/year)
to (months/year) October, 1999 – January, 2002
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Company New Bulgarian University
Position Part-time assistant professor of English
To teach general English from elementary to proficiency level

Date :
from (months/year)
to (months/year) October 2001 – December 2004
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Company AVO-3 School of English AD
Position Part-time teacher of English
1.to prepare candidates for FCE, CAE and CPE Cambridge Exams;
2. teacher training: collaborative preparation and delivery of seminars on relevant to the curriculum topics

12. Others:

-  Ivancheva., Th. 2005, “Comparative Analysis of Linguistic and Non-linguistic Methods of Projecting News Values in the Dailies Trud and The Times”, Sofia: NBU in annual edition, vol.6
 Тарашева, Е.,Иванчева.Т., 2008. „Как да преподаваме английски език чрез анализ на медии”, София: Чуждоезиково обучение
 Станкова.М, Иванчева.Т. 2008. ‘Характеристики на темперамента при деца на 3-7 години’; Българското списание по психология
 Ivancheva, Theodora (2011) Deliberate Multimodality of the Newspaper Text (Front Pages – Case Study). Other. New Bulgarian University Scholar Electronic Repository, Sofia.
 Ivancheva, Theodora (2011) News Values-Revised. Working Paper. New Bulgarian University Scholar Electronic Repository, Sofia.

- Part-time translation.


Иванчева.Т., Comparative Analyses of Linguistic and Non-linguistic Methods of Projecting News Values in the Newspapers Trud and The Times, 2005, годишник на ДП “Чужди езици и литератури”, София: НБУ

Станкова.М, Иванчева.Т, 2009, Характеристики на темперамента при деца на 3-7 години, Българското списание по психология, бр.1,2-Дружеството на психолозите в България:София (15 страници)

Тарашева.Е, Иванчева. Т , 2008, Как да преподаваме английски език чрез анализ на медии”, Чуждоезиково обучение – МОН: София (12 страници)

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